excerpt: ‘Get out your atlas…’

So what is History for Tenzin? It is my Tibetan-American-Australian family memoir—many years in the making! I wrote it for my daughter. This brief excerpt, from near the story’s beginning, offers a taste of the work’s tone and direction:

‘What you can recall, Tenzin, of those small years when you lived as a numbered child in a numbered ‘home’ is not the totality of your history or identity. Get out your atlas and your time-travelling imagination. You have a global, tangled past and the world has been shaping you and the context of this life since before you were born.’

And what follows is an adventure, a romance, a political struggle, a trial (both literally and figuratively), and unforeseen journeys across continents, over mountains and oceans, between languages and cultures.

Maybe History for Tenzin sounds like your kind of book. If so, I hope you’ll get the chance to read it someday. Now to find a publisher… I’ll keep you posted.



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